Falcon Show

This tour will bring you close to a very popular custom among the male population of UAE – the training of falcon for hunting purposes. To get a better overview on this local activity, we will bring you first to the falcon center in Nad Al Sheba, where you will get an introduction into the breeding of falcons. You can see there different kind of falcons plus all the equipment that is needed to keep them and train them for hunting.

Afterwards your falcon journey will bring you to the desert in order to witness a real falcon training. The local trainer will show you all the necessary steps to transform a young falcon into a professional hunting falcon. Younger falcons a first kept on a leash until the trainer is sure that they will not fly away when released and more experienced falcons are immediately set free for the training in order to catch the prey out of a free fall. Hunting falcons are an expensive sort of sport and the more valuable ones are therefore equipped with a GPS tracking system on their feet in order to find them in case they have flown away. It is a spectacular show which will take your breath away. Afterwards you will have a small refreshment with Arabic coffee and dates, where you will have the possibility to talk to the trainer and to see the falcons from close.


Tour Details:


 From November till April


 Only on Saturdays. From 15.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs.


 Please note that for some people the training process might appear brutal due to the use of living pigeons as a prey. Therefore this tour is not recommended for families with smaller children.